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How Long Does Ground Shipping Take?

If you ever need to send a package inexpensively and are not concerned about how long it takes, ground shipping is what you should turn to. It may take a few days to a week, but there are two things you can be sure of; it will get where it is supposed to be, and it will cost a lot less than other shipping methods. Ground shipping is usually the right choice for people looking for an easy and affordable way to deliver or receive packages.

However, one of the most significant variables with ground shipping is the time it takes to deliver goods. Ground shipping usually takes longer because it is done by road, not by air. Since airplanes are much faster than trucks, it is only reasonable that air freights deliver goods more quickly. Despite being slower than air, ground shipping remains the most popular domestic delivery method in the United States.

Ground Shipping

As the name implies, ground shipping is any shipping that involves sending packages, parcels, goods, or anything synonyms through road or rail. Most of the time, these deliveries are handled by specialized companies called freight companies. Ground shipping is such a popular method of running deliveries, despite being relatively slow because shipping costs are lower in price. It can go so low in price that some small to medium-sized businesses may even be able to offer free shipping for their e-commerce products.

It leaves little to wonder why so many people use it to shop for products. In addition, since the price to ship goods and products is relatively low, many businesses can sell the idea of free shipping and even use it to improve their conversion rate. Suppose companies can continue to offer free shipping. In that case, they will be able to attract new customers, which will end up increasing revenue and allowing them to offer free shipping on even more products.

Of course, one could argue that ground shipping is slow, and many clients may not want to wait so long for these products. And that’s true, but not necessarily for all products. Many customers would be willing to wait an extra two or three days to “save” money on that shipping fee.

How Can I Use Ground Shipping

If you’re looking to make use of ground shipping services, you need to ask yourself what you are shipping, where you are shipping to, and when your customers expect the product to be delivered to them at the very least. Taking all these factors into account will tell you whether you should consider ground shipping. For example, if you are on the West Coast and need a product to be on the East Coast in less than 48 hours, you will be better served looking for other options. In this scenario, perhaps opting for an air freight delivery option will be better suited.

Once you have chosen ground shipping as your best option, it is time to search and select a freight company.  Freight brokers, such as Go Brokers, Inc., can assist you with your delivery and transportation solutions. Once you are ready, you can contact them and arrange for your goods to be shipped in a reliable and super-friendly pricing manner.

How Long Does Ground Shipping Take

Now that you know that ground shipping takes longer than air shipping, the next question is how long does it precisely take to deliver any good or product to its final destination?

The answer to that question is rather complicated. It is tricky because there are still too many variables to account for – even a reasonably consistent and efficient freight company. One of those variables, and perhaps the most important, is how long the distance to be covered is. Another thing that needs to be considered is traffic. Weather also plays an important part. After all, if weather conditions do not make it permissible to drive, freight companies will not risk transporting a full truckload of goods through terrible weather. That would not only endanger the truck driver’s life — it would also be putting the goods in his care in danger.

Still, a gross approximation can be given. With well-known freight and delivery companies, it often takes about one to five business days to reach their destination. Some other companies could do it for less, but again that’s not a sure thing.

The great thing about ground shipping is that it allows you to send almost anything by road, and relatively cheaply. It does not matter if your package or good is furniture, food, or art. There are no size limitations, and with things like LTL shipping (less than truckload) and FTL (full truckload) options, you can send any size of anything you want.

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