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Drayage refers to a service that transports a shipment over a short distance. It is one of the fundamental parts of an intermodal shipping arrangement. Drayage is part of container shipping. It is typically the action of moving large metal containers that you might find on a train, ship, or truck. In addition, drayage also refers to the act of transporting a large container from a train onto a truck or from a boat to a truck or vice-versa.

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Intermodal shipping is simply shipping that changes methods throughout its journey, (I.E., air to sea to rail to truck.) Intermodal shipments utilize specific kinds of containers so that products of different types can be shipped without having to be unpacked/repacked.

Drayage services will allow you to transfer a container of freight from one method of transport to another. An example would be a container being transferred from a receiving port at an ocean dock to a trucking terminal for the final shipment phase.

Here are a few things that would make you consider using intermodal/drayage transportation for your freight shipment.

  • Intermodal/drayage transportation is suitable for finished and intermediate goods, especially for load units that are less than 25 tons
  • Intermodal transit can be necessary for moving freight over a long distance across borders
  • Intermodal transportation can be used when there are multiple destinations for the same goods i.e. dropping off freight at a location before its final destination
  • Intermodal and drayage transportation service is suitable for high-value, intermediate and low-value goods
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