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With warehousing and cross-docking stock in strategic locations, buyers can have their orders delivered as with the utmost speed.
While we like to think inventory will always be on the move, there will be times when they need to be stored somewhere before their next trip.

When this need arises (and they will, from time to time), you can worry less about the safety of your goods when they are miles away from you, as Go Brokers Inc. has you covered with our warehousing service. And we don’t just cover warehouses; we’ll carefully study your specific needs, including your forward and reverse supply chain and help you determine the best location to keep your goods.

Our best location will be the location that will guarantee the most expedited shipment of your goods to your customers.

Our strategic warehousing service has you covered, all through the United States, Canada and across countries. With our inventory management system at Go Brokers Inc., you can monitor your goods to know precisely where they are, whenever you want.

Our inventory management system also provides you with real-time information about the quantity of goods (typically within minutes of status change) you have in stock for restocking purposes.

Go Brokers Inc.

More About Our Service

While we can never emphasize the importance of warehousing, we understand that there will be times when all you need is a space where you can perform an on-the-spot assessment of your inventory before they are shipped to their final destination.

Renting a warehouse in such a situation isn’t cost effective nor needed with our cross-docking solution. We set up a cross-docking arrangement tailored to your needs in the shortest possible time.

Reasons why you should use our cross-docking solution:

  • Cost-effectiveness

    With our cross-docking solution, we’ll help you beat down your operating cost, as you won’t have to worry about getting a large storage space in your facility. In addition, since materials will only need to be handled during the unloading, staging and loading processes, labor cost is drastically reduced as well.

  • Customer satisfaction

    We strategically set up our cross-docking facilities in locations that ensure that your inventory arrives at its final destination in the quickest time possible. Furthermore, since you get to inspect your stock before they are shipped off to their final destinations, the likelihood of customers getting goods with defects is drastically reduced. All these factors come together to improve customer experience, which can win you free referrals from your happy buyers.

    In the end, you spend less to get more done and your customers are satisfied – a win-win situation.

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